Grapevine pruning: selection for researchers and professionals

In order to organize the pruning season in the vineyard, find below our scientific and technical contents published in our 3 media (OENO One, IVES Technical Reviews, and IVES Conference Series).

What techniques are used? When should pruning be carried out? What are the consequences on grape or wine composition?


Mechanical pruning and soil organic amendments in vineyards of Syrah: effects on grape composition

The interaction of mechanized pruning systems and soil organic amendment can increase vine productivity. However, since the increase in productivity may affect grape composition, this study aimed to understand the effects of the interaction between these two practices […]

Effect of early cane pruning on yield components, grape composition, carbohydrates storage and phenology in Vitis vinifera L. cv. Merlot

In this study, we investigated over three seasons the influence of five pruning dates on yield components, grape composition, phenology and carbohydrate reserves in the variety Merlot, grown in a warm climate area […]

Partial double-pruning after bloom delays bunch rot epidemics in Vitis vinifera L. cvs. Riesling and Pinot gris

In the present study, we investigated the potential of the innovative cultural practice “partial double-pruning after bloom (PDP)” to delay the bunch rot epidemic on Pinot gris and Riesling cultivars over five consecutive seasons (2016-2020) […]

IVES Technical Reviews

Effect of pruning and mechanical fruit thinning on crop load and berry and wine composition of Tempranillo in Texas

Tempranillo is the second most planted variety in Texas. However, over-cropping can be an issue. Crop load can be managed by pruning and mechanical fruit thinning. Mechanizing fruit thinning provides three benefits […]

Preventing ESCA in Vitis vinifera by proscribing vine training systems or mutilating pruning methods

To illustrate the influence of vine training systems or pruning methods or regimes on the development of the grapevine wood disease, ESCA, a synthesis has been realized from the results obtained within the framework of two projects […]

Late pruning of the vine

ln the current climatic context, with milder winters leading to earlier budburst in most wine regions, vines are exposed to the risk of spring frosts for a longer period. Depending on the year, frost can lead to yield losses of between 20 and 100 % […]

IVES Conference Series

Would you like to find an information about a conference? With IVES Conference Series, read all the results and data presented during high-level international scientific conferences. High-quality output is freely available, such as abstracts, full-text articles, posters, live sessions, videos, and podcasts.

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