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IVES 9 IVES Conference Series 9 About long time and vine quality modelisation e pistemological appro ach to geographical viticulture

About long time and vine quality modelisation e pistemological appro ach to geographical viticulture


This work began as an intellectual game, in order to discuss the notion of wine quality in terms of terroir and territory spatial structure. Vine and wine quality has long been questioned by scientists. Each discipline approaching it with his own tools.

One of Frenchs geographers who mark the discipline history was Roger DION(1896-1981) whit an historical approach of spatial vineyard structuration. In this work we have revisited the seminal paper of Roger Dion (1952) on viticole geography whit a new kind of tools. Indeed to assess this fundamental study, we have used distributed computational modelling based on Agents based Model (ABM).

This paper is the opportunity to discuss the origin of the wine quality, and how it evolves over time by considering various factor formalized by R.DIONand other resulting from the modelling approach.


Publication date: July 31, 2020

Issue: Terroir 2014

Type: Article



(1) Laboratoire GEOLAB UMR 6042 CNRS Université de Limoges, FLSH 39E rue Camille Guérin 87036 Limoges, France
(2) CIRAD, UMR CBGP, 34398 Montpellier cedex 5, France

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Agents Based Model (ABM), Viticulture, Quality, Landscape, R.Dion, Theory, Abstraction


IVES Conference Series | Terroir 2014


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