Launched in 2016, OENO One is a peer-reviewed Open Access* journal in the field of vine, grape and wine sciences. It replaced the Journal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin after almost 50 years of existence. Articles are published online in English, with Open Access*. 

Its Open Access* publishing policy (i.e., there are no publication or access fees), ensures maximum visibility for the published papers.

OENO One has received an impact factor of 3.000, one of the highest obtained  by all vine and wine journals in the world.

Editorial process:

Manuscripts are evaluated by qualified reviewers selected by the editors-in-chief and associate editors. In 2021, the editorial board is composed of 2 editors-in-chief and 63 associate editors.

Editorial team:

・Editor-in-chief (vine): Cornelis van Leeuwen (Bordeaux Sciences Agro, France)
・Editor-in-chief (wine): Pierre-Louis Teissedre (Université de Bordeaux, ISVV, France)
・Editorial manager: Claire Guyot (IVES)
・Production manager: Laurianne Calamy (IVES)

Aims & Scopes:

The journal covers the following specific areas (click to read more).

・Vine ecophysiology: soil climate and vine interactions
・Climate change impacts in viticulture and enology
・Genetic resources and vine selection
・Vine and berry physiology
・Vine health and protection
・Environmental sustainability of vineyards
・Viticultural techniques
・Smart technologies and innovations applied to viticulture and enology
・Table grapes, dried grapes, and unfermented grape products
・Grape and wine chemistry
・Microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry
・Genetics and physiology of yeasts, fungi and bacteria
・Winemaking: technology, process engineering, stabilisation and ageing
・Additives, processing aids and alternatives for grape, must, wine and derivates
・Analytical methods for grape and wine control and authenticity assessment
・Sensory analyses, consumer interface
・Distilled beverages from grapes and wines
・Food safety, consumption, nutrition and health in relation to vines, grapes, wine and derivates
・Cost related aspects of viticultural management practices and enological process

*Creative Commons Attribution – CC BY – license

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