IVES Conference Series

Launched in 2021, IVES Conference Series is a vine and wine online Open Access portal for sharing scientific knowledge, results and data presented during high-level international scientific conferences.

High-quality output is freely available, such as abstracts, full-text articles, posters, live sessions, videos and podcasts.

✔︎ Select a conference and a session 
✔︎ Access to the abstract 
✔︎ Download the article (if available) / or view the video 
✔︎ Use keywords to find posts across IVES Conference Series database

In order to publish the proceedings with open access on IVES Conference Series:

. The scientific quality of the contents must be guaranteed by the conference scientific committee.

. Authors must be informed that proceedings will be published with open access on ICS.

The publication fees (at cost price) are: 10 € per abstract (or equivalent document) 20 € per article (or equivalent document).

To find out more about publication possibilities, please contact ICS editorial team.

Editor-in-chief vine: 
Markus Rienth (Changins, Switzerland)
Editor-in-chief wine:
Andrii Tarasov (Hochschule Geisenheim University, Germany)

Editorial manager:
Claire Guyot (IVES)

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