IVES Technical Reviews

Launched in 2020, IVES Technical Reviews is a tool to transfer current research to end users.

Articles are sourced from scientific and technical journals and are reviewed by two members of the journal’s editorial board before publication. They are published online in six languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish) with Open Access.

Editorial process

Its editorial board is equally composed of more than 70 researchers and professionals of the wine industry. All the articles published are previously reviewed by at least two members of the board. This process not only guarantees scientific quality and robustness of the sources, but also ensures that the format, angle and presentation of the results are consistent and that the scientific content meets our readers’ expectations.

Editorial team

Support IVES Technical Reviews

Companies that are willing to contribute to the translation costs can apply for a “High Visibility Partnership”.

In return for funding of 10,000 € per year, they will be mentioned in each article published by the journal as follows:
The translation of this article into (name of the language) was offered to you by (name of the company).