How can you join IVES?


Members are universities and research institutions, private or public, that support our association.
They train students in viticulture and/or enology and produce and publish research at an international level.

You can become a member of IVES for an annual fee of 5,000€/year.

Private partnership

Private partners are companies in the wine industry that support our association.

You can become a private partner of IVES for an annual fee of 5,000€/year.

Institutional partnership

Institutional partners are any institution, or association, research or interprofessional institute that does not fall into the category of members and that support our association.You can become an institutional partner of IVES for an annual fee of 5,000€/year.

High visibility

You can become a high visibility member/partner for 10,000€/year and contribute by participating in the translation fees of papers published in IVES Technical Reviews.

Why should I become a member?
Why should I become a partner?

Joining IVES as a member is an opportunity for your university/institute to take a leading role in the Open Access movement in the field of viticulture and enology. By becoming a member, your university/institute will promote the dissemination of knowledge without the limitations and costs associated with private publishers.

Members contribute to the strategy and development of IVES and its media, with a right to vote at the General Assembly, which is held during the IVES annual meeting

By joining IVES, your company/institution will become a major actor in open access publishing in viticulture and enology and will contribute to a model of free knowledge dissemination in these domains, without the barrier of subscription.

You will get involved with the IVES Technical Reviews editorial board, where you will have the unique opportunity to network with researchers and colleagues in order to choose the topics to be covered by the journal and to ensure the quality of the articles produced.

As a partner of IVES, you will also participate in the yearly IVES Science meeting, where you will meet other partners and researchers who have had their work recently published in our journals.

All the private partners of IVES are asked to sign a chart of ethics.