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Publish with us


The conference must be an international scientific conference organized on a recurring basis (high scientific quality approved by a scientific committee, no commercial purposes).

The conference organizing committee must contact the editorial team who will examine the application. The publication of the proceedings will be possible only with the agreement of the editors-in-chief of IVES Conference Series and of the executive committee of IVES.

The partner, as organizer of the conference, is commited to:

  • Guarantee the scientific quality of the communications.
  • Obtain the agreement of the authors before the open access publication of the communications on IVES Conference Series (Creative Commons licence CC BY) and inform them that a DOI can be provided.
  • Provide all documents in a format that can be used by IVES for the publication.
  • Promote IVES, OENO One, IVES Technical Reviews and IVES Conference Series.

Publication fees:

The publication fees (at cost price) are: 10 € per abstract (or equivalent document) 20 € per article (or equivalent document). There are no publication fees for our members and institutional partners, if they are the conference’s main organizers and after validation by the editorial team of IVES Conference Series.