Proposal of a procedure for sensory characterisation of wines from different subareas of a same D.O.C. (V.Q.P.R.D.)

In the course of the present work, which is the first part of a study on the “characterization of Barbera dell’Oltrepo Pavese D.O.C.” 30 wines Barbera from 1993 vintage have been compared only regarding their sensory characteristics. An unstructured scale card, composed by 15 descriptors have been used. The terms of description in the card have been those more frequently mentioned by the assessors during some preliminary degustation sessions. All data from sensory evaluation have been elaborated by some consensus statistical methods (Univariate regression, Generalized Procrustes analysis, Consensus PLS) to eliminate systematic differences between judges, consequence of personal scale and/or confusion between attributes. The differences among samples are only slightly changed when the consensus techniques have been used. With the exception of some wines, a good uniformity in sensory characteristics was observed.
Relations between wine sensory descriptors and the altitude of the vineyards have been also studied using PLS method.

Authors: A. B0SSO (1), M.UBIGLl (1), S.B0TTER0 (1), G. DRAVA (2)

(1) Istituto Sperimentale per l’Enologia – P.Micca, 35 -14100 Asti Italy
(2) Facoltà di Analisi e Tecnologie Farmaceutiche ed Alimentari – Facoltà di Farmacia – Université di Genova via B. Salerno – Genova – Italy

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