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The OENO Macrowine 2023 conference will start in








The OenoMacrowine 2023 will take place in Bordeaux from July 10-13 2023. The proceedings will be published on IVES Conference Seriesand a selection of articles will be published in a special issue of OENO One.

Proceedings already available

Grapevine diversity and viticultural practices for sustainable grape growingIVES Conference SeriesMacrowine 2021

Enological and nutraceutical potential of some grape varieties tolerant to downy mildew and powdery mildew

AIM: Since 2012 the Veneto Region regulation (north-east Italy) allowed wine production using 20 hybrid grapevine varieties selected for their high tolerance to downy mildew and powdery mildew. Characterized by vigour, high grape productivity and low pesticide use, these varieties are suitable to develop sustainable viticulture in mountain areas located at medium altitudes.

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IVES Conference SeriesMacrowine 2021Microbial ecology from vineyard to consumption

Effect of environmentally friendly vineyard protection strategies on yeast ecology during fermentation

AIM: Currently, an increasing concern from governments and consumers about environmental sustainability of wine production provides new challenges for innovation in wine industry. Accordingly, the application of more-environmentally friendly vineyard treatments against fungal diseases (powdery and downy mildew) could have a cascading impact on yeast ecology of wine production.

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