Zoning for drinking, tasting the territory place (“Great Zonation”): first considerations and methodology

Following the idea of « Grande Filiera » (GF) (Great chain), of « Grande Zonazione » (GZ) (Great Zonation), of “interpretation, estimation and valorisation of vineyards and wines landscape, of “qualities”(we have classified more than ninety), of quality economy.
Following the rich existing bibliography on organoleptic analyses and estimation of one wine, one product, as already publicised, we think it is somewhat limitative and unsatisfying to assign one price, to evaluate one product only and only in function of quality or for example of organoleptic evaluation and/or eno-chemical.
In the present paper we want to give an innovative contribute (maybe too innovative), philosophical, methodological, in order to evaluate one product, for example wine, also (I could say particularly) for what it represents outside of the bottle content.
Consequently for us, and probably not only for us, for example a bottle content should be evaluated, drank for getting high of a territory, for delighting, for “TASTING” and enjoying, drinking the territory, “PLACE” of origin, which as already publicised by us (Cargnello G. 1997), comprises all its resources: pedological, climatic, vitivinicultural, cultural, and coltural, monumental, hystorical, environmental, human, commercial…etc…: and for more information and completing the “filiera” consult: Cargnello G., 2003.
Naturally going beyond wrapping, stamping and else.
If its true, as its true, what above explained, zoning should be done, in order to taste and enjoy the territory while drinking wine, and TASTE A PLACE of provenience in its globality and in “filiera” taking account at least of the product (organoleptic quality), of consumer (preference and price), of producer (profit), of respect and protection of the environment in the whole sense and thus in particular way to “Taste a place” of product provenience; as concretises by information methodology CIMEC presented with success at international level.
This is philosophical and methodological “innovative” contribute we would like to concretise in a so called “GREAT ZONATION”, approaching PLACE of origin of wine to wine and zonation, in order to drink and TASTE the territory.

Author: Giovanni Cargnello (collaboration de Rosario di Gaetano e Lorenzo Lovat)

Directeur SOC Tecniche Colturali – Istituto Sperimentale per la Viticoltura – Via Enrico De Nicola, 11 – 31015 Conegliano (Treviso) Italy

Email: cargnellogiovanni@libero.it

Keywords: zoning for drinking territory, land, great zonation, great chain, viticulture

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