Observatoire du Grenache en Vallée du Rhône: incidence du terroir sur la diversité analytique et sensorielle des vins

Rhone Valley A.O.C. Vineyards cover more than 70 000 hectares, of wich more than 40 000 plantedwith Grenache N. The Grenache observatory was created in 1995. The object of this 24 parcels network covering main Rhone Valley soils is to state the effect of terroir on plant physiology and wine characteristics. The results show a very important diversity in Grenache behaviour, but a good stability of the differences for the three studied vintages. This allows to characterize different types of grapes which vinified in the same conditions give very different wines. Main discrepancies affect the acidic and phenolic content of grapes and wines. They are confirmed by sensorial analysis wich gives a good description of gustative and aromatic characteristics of wines coming from the different parcels.


Service technique du CIVCRVR – Institut Rhodanien – 2260 Route du Grès – 84100 Orange, France

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