Une procédure de mise à jour des zones AOC

In France, one of INAO missions is to delimit the production area of the « Appellations d’origine contrôlées » (AOC). For wine AOC, the delimitation of plots allows for identifying plots of land that respond to technical criteria of the vine location, criteria adapted in every appellation. Some old delimitations AOC are not in adequacy with their territory. Indeed, in spite the existence of a politic aiming to protect production areas AOC, urbanization, road infrastructure or quarries occupy surfaces classified in AOC today. These surfaces are irreparably lost for appellations. Thus, INAO proposed to set up a procedure for to actualize AOC zonings in order to put them in coherence with territory evolutions. This procedure is based on GIS use and photo-interpretation. This procedure isn’t just an actualization for to be consistent with the last plot registry. This procedure allows realizing a real diagnostic of consumption the area AOC by urbanization. This allows on one side to better know real potentialities of the appellation but also, to help producers and INAO to protect AOC areas and to participate at territorial dynamics and at the planning of the territory.

Authors: Gilles FLUTET (1), Cécile FRANCHOIS (2), Alexandre GRELIER (3)

Institut National de l’Origine et de la Qualité
(1) Service Délimitation, la jasse de Maurin 34970 LATTES, FRANCE 
(2) Service Délimitation, 16 rue du golf 21800 QUETIGNY, France
(3) Délégation Territoriale Sud Ouest, -1 quai Wilson – Bât. A – 3ème étage 33130 BEGLES 

Keywords: zoning, delimitation, AOC, potential, protection, territorial dynamics

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