Terroir and sustainability: an analysis of brazilian vineyards from a territorial perspective

In the concept of sustainable viticulture proposed by the OIV, it can be noted that enhancing terroir is also one measure of sustainability. Thus, the territorial approach may offer an interesting viewpoint from which to consider this issue in a multi-perspective way. This paper purposes to present an evaluation of sustainability, adopting a territorial approach. It is designed as a multi-case study of three Brazilian terroirs: Vale dos Vinhedos, Campanha Gaúcha and Vale do Rio São Francisco. The Vale dos Vinhedos was the first AOC in Brazil; the other two are engaged in ongoing projects. The data are extracted from literature reviews, technical visits and interviews. The three terroirs are analyzed in terms of five perspectives of sustainability (political, social, environmental, economic and territorial). Some examples of indicators include: the political perspective reveals the importance of associations to local actors in discussions about the terroir; the studies carried out to recognize the AOCs help to identify environmental risks and fragilities; the terroir highlights and values territorial resources. It is important to understand that this approach is not developed in order to undermine the environmental perspective, but to help to create relations in a territorial context. Evaluating sustainability is a challenge that requires the development of theoretical and methodological frameworks. In this sense, the territorial approach is not a definitive answer, but another way to understand this issue and to propose new projects to enhance terroir and its sustainability. 

 Authors: Shana SABBADO FLORES (1), Rosa Maria VIEIRA MEDEIROS (2) 

(1) Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (IFRS – campus Restinga), Porto Alegre, Brazil – Chaire-UNESCO “Culture & Traditions du Vin” / Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France
(2) Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, Brazil 

Email: shanasabbado@yahoo.com.br 

Keywords: sustainable viticulture, Vale dos Vinhedos, Campanha Gaúcha, Vale do Rio São Francisco, territorial approach, terroir, sustainability, Brazilian viticulture 

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