Synthesis of the contribution of the Giesco (group of international experts of vitivinicultural systems for cooperation) to the study of terroirs

Since 1998, the GiESCO (previously named GESCO: Groupe d’Etude des Systèmes de COnduite de la vigne) has provided the scientific community with relevant contributions to the study of terroirs. Here is a synthesis of the main terroir-related fields and the major ideas the GiESCO has developed: Basic Terroir Unit and climate, Vine Ecophysiology and microclimate – moderate drought, Vineyard heterogeneity and new technologies, Viticultural Terroir Unit and canopy management, Terroir – Territory and man.

Keywords: Terroir, Basic Terroir Unit, Viticultural Terroir Unit, territory, climate, soil, Ecophysiology, microclimate, water limitation, new technologies, canopy management, training system, cultivation techniques, wine quality, economics.

Authors: A. Carbonneau(1), G. Cargnello(2), Hernan Ojeda(3), J. Tonietto(4), H. Schultz(5).

(1) Professor of Viticulture of Montpellier SupAgro, President of GiESCO,
IHEV, bâtiment 28, 2 place Viala, F-34060 Montpellier cedex2

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