Study of the sensory dimension of the wine typicality related to a terroir and crossing with their viticultural and oenological characteristics

The typicality of a product can be characterized by properties of similarity in relation to a type, but also by the properties of distinction. The typicality related to the soil is associated with a delimited geographical origin, and with asserted characteristics. The aim of this study is to determine the sensory profile of typical wines and to interrelate with their technical characteristics. A quantitative descriptive analysis was carried out by an expert panel on 34 wines from Vintage 2005 (23 “Anjou-Villages Brissac” and 11 “outsiders”). All these wines came from plots being able to product the A.O.C. “Anjou-Villages Brissac”. In addition, a characterization of the typicality of the products was carried out with “just about right” profiles, by a group of professionals of this area, from descriptors raised by discussion with all the producers of the area. Finally, a crossing of the sensory data with viticultural and enological practices was carried out.
The results showed the relevance of the expert panel in the discrimination of the products. Two groups could be distinguished, one consisted essentially of wines “Anjou-Villages Brissac” and the other consisted essentially of wines “outsiders”. The panel of professionals proved to be relevant on the characterization of the total quality of the wines, but did not appear consensual for more precise descriptors. The crossing of sensory profiles with some technical acts showed significant effects of “thinning out of leaves”, “disbudding”, “maceration” and “fermentation with industrial yeast” on sensory characteristics.

Authors: Yves CADOT (1), Alain SAMSON (2), Soline CAILLE (3), Marie SCHOLTUS (1), Cécile COULON (4), René MORLAT (1)

(1) INRA, UE1117 Vigne et Vin, F-49070 Beaucouzé, France
(2) INRA, UE999 Pech-Rouge, F-11430 Gruissan, France
(3) INRA, UMR1083 Sciences pour l’Œnologie, F-34060 Montpellier, France
(4) IFV, Val de Loire, F-49470 Beaucouzé, France


Keywords: Sensory analysis, Terroir, Typicality, viticultural practices, oenological practices

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