The relationship of wine store customers with the areas of production, considering provenance and tourism

This work aims at identifying the most appropriate marketing strategies to inform consumers of the global market about the added value of the wines of Friuli Venezia Giulia. In view of agricultural products, wine very often assumes an added value resulting from ties with local production and its excellence. In order to analyze the relationship between the typicalness of wine and its exploitation on the local and international markets, one must identify the limits and strategies for the sale of this product-service. Consumers choose or express a preference based on a supposed gratification they achieve with the purchase and subsequent use or consumption of goods. We must take into account that this gratification depends on intrinsic quality of the product and elements that determine the extrinsic quality. In particular for wine, intrinsic and extrinsic quality are strongly influenced by the characteristics of the territory. The binomial “quality product-territory”, therefore, multiplies the growth processes of endogenous forces, such as human capital, the environment and nature, the quality of public administration and the culture of enterprise.

Authors: prof. Francesco DONATI, prof. Sandro SILLANI, Sabrina DI SANTOLO, Elena FABBRO

Università degli Studi di Udine


Keywords: wine, territory, consumers, typicalness

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