Application to the wine sector of European Convention on the landscapes

The landscape is defined by the European convention of the landscape (Florence, October 20, 2000) like part of the territory as perceived by the populations, whose character results from the action of natural and/or human factors and their interrelationships. This convention is based on the contribution cultural, ecological, environmental, social of the landscapes and aims at a reinforcement of the tools of protection and valorization in particular in the agricultural policies, of regional planning and town planning. Moreover, it encourages a step of identification and qualification of the landscapes and underlines the need for developing the sensitizing and the training of the actors concerned.
Beyond the signature of this convention by the States, its orientations can apply to the various actors of the territory. The vine terroirs, at the origin of remarkable landscapes must be integrated in this reflection.

Authors: Joël ROCHARD and Aurélie LASNIER

ITV France, 17 rue Jean Chandon Moët, BP 20046, 51202 Épernay cedex, France


Keywords: landscape, terroir

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