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1 - WAC - PostersIVES Conference SeriesWAC 2022

Metabolomics screening of Vitis sp. interspecific hybrids to select natural ingredients with cosmetic purposes

Introducing natural ingredients using green chemistry practices is a major challenge in cosmetics industry to follow the market trend. Among the plants of cosmetic interest, vine products show a remarkable diversity of natural substances with high potential for the cosmetic and dermatological sectors. To date, research focuses on well-known compounds like E-resveratrol and E-ε-viniferin,

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3 - WAC - PostersIVES Conference SeriesWAC 2022

Biovi: a research program for reducing chemical input in vine and wine

Decrease of chemical inputs during vine management and winemaking is of great importance from a political and societal point of view. In our ongoing project we propose alternative tools to chemicals in the vineyard and the cellar. We have compared a conventional vineyard protection strategy to an alternative strategy using copper and biocontrol products (Biocontrol) against downy

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4 - WAC - PostersIVES Conference SeriesWAC 2022

Mechanistic insights into the bioavailability of oleocanthal and oleacein from olive oil in presence of wine active peptides and amino acids

Oleocanthal (OC) and oleacein (OL) are highly bioactive secoiridoids found in olive oil at elevated concentrations, especially when it is produced from unripe olives (Olea europaea L.). Both compounds have been correlated with strong activities against serious diseases through recent clinical trials. The most important clinical trials have been performed in patients against chronic lymphocytic

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