Architecture, microclimate, vine regulation, grape berry and wine quality: how to choose the training system according to the wine type ?

This synthetic presentation deals with :
• A description of the variability and the main models of grapevine canopy architecture in the world.
• A precision on the model « potential exposed leaf area SFEp », which estimates the potential of net carbon balance of the plant, and shows a regulating effect of high SFEp levels on production decrease.
• A presentation of plant global regulating processes influenced by the training system on the basis of the biological triptych theory : relation between (SFEp) and dry matter production (« puissance ») fitted by vigour ; relation between SFEp and bunch microclimate fitted by leaf exposure/bunch exposure ratio.
• The stability of the microclimatic equilibrium between leaf and bunch due to the architecture, in comparison with general climatic variations (Multicriteria Climatic Classification).
• Some consequences of SFEp and berry microclimate variations on Syrah wine typeness and quality, on the basis of a comparison in a dry « terroir » between the Vertical trellis, the truncated Lyre, the Lyre-volume.
• A general proposal over a 30 year experience of the most suitable training systems according to the objectives of production and quality. A special focus is made on the choice of the training system in function of the wine typeness (ie : « Lyre wine » concept).

Author: A Carbonneau

IHEV (High Study Institute of Vine and Wine), Agro Montpellier (France)


Keywords: architecture, training system, microclimate, canopy, leaf, exposed leaf area, vigour, production, grapeberry, wine quality

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