“Terroir” and “Great” zonation study regarding Istrian Malvasia, Porec Rosy Muscat and Momjan White Muscat (HR)

In a so called “Great” zonation, “terroir” study is of great importance also in aim of the best exploiting. In the present paper are shown results from the research in Istria with the aim of individuating the influence of soil (terra rossa and flysch) and of altitude on quality of three important autochtone varieties: “Istrian Malvasia”, “Porec Rosy Muscat” and “Momjan White Muscat”. Final goal was to furnish important elements to vitivinicultural zonation enclosed in a wide context of regulatory plans: vitivinicultural, viticultural, agricultural and general plan of the area. On this purpose, vineyards in full maturity were selected in Porec (80 end 220 msl) and Motovun (50 end 185 msl)) for Istrian Malvasia, in Porec ( 50 msl), and Visnjan (250 msl) for Rosy Muscat, in Momjan (220 and 350 msl) and Porec (50 end 200) for Whit Muscat, growing on terra rossa and flysch. During maturation and harvesting were performed some enochemical parameters (sugars, total acids, pH) and quantitative parameters. After viniflcation chemical and organoleptic analysis of wines were performed. It was also determined the economic quality (QE) of vines. Finally, vines were estimated according to the so called CIMEC methodology considering not only organoleptic quality but also preference, price, cost and profit. On basis of quantitative, enochemical, organoleptic and economic results, some interesting indications came out on the influence of soil type and altitude on productive qualitative, quantitative and business aspects of studied viticultures, objects of zonation (“Great” zonation).

Authors: Đ. Persuric (1), M. Staver ą, G. Cargnello (2)

(1) Institute for Agriculture and Tourism Porec (CROATIA)
(2) Istituto Sperimentale per la Viticoltura – Sezione di Tecniche Colturali Conegliano (TV) (ITALY)

Keywords: Terroir, great zonation, Istrian malvasia, Porec rosy muscat, Momjan white muscat, Istria, Croatia

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