Zoning of viticulture in Yugoslavia

The last official zoning of Viticulture in Yugoslavia was performed 1978. year, when (according to recommendation of OIV and European Economic Community), regions, sub regions and vineyards districts were established supposing that the varieties which will be exhibit ail the positive agro biological and technological characteristics. Taking into account relief, climate, soil, tradition, agro ecological and agro economic conditions for grape production, in Yugoslavia were postulated the next viticultural areas:

  1. Viticultural region. Region is defined as wider Viticultural area which has similar climate, soil and other properties which are necessary for successful growing of vine.
  2. Viticultural sub region. Sub region is a narrow area which belong to the region but exhibit some of the ecological component is completely different which leads to the stronger differentiation in grape yield and in a quality of wine.
  3. Vineyard district. Present fundamental territorial unit which taking into account agro ecological properties can be defined as a compact homogenous vineyard totality.
    Agroecological selectivity of vine varieties
    Taking into account zonal criteria, vine varieties are selected in next three groups:
    1. Recommended varieties.
    2. Permitted varieties
    3. Forbidden varieties.
    ln Yugoslavia legitimately permitted the production of the next quality categories of wine:
    1. Top wines with geographical origine.
    2. Quality wines with geographical origine.
    3. Table wines with geographical origine.
    4. Table wines without geographical origine
    For all produced categories of wine the legitimate law conditions must be respected in order to be consumed or domestic or foreign market.

Authors: AVRAMOV L. (1), NAKALAMIC A. (1), CINDRIC P. (2), KOVAC V. (3), VUKSANOVIC P. (4)

(1) Faculty of Agriculture, 11081, Zemun, Yugoslavia.
(2) Faculty of Agriculture, 21000, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
(3) Faculty of Food Technology, 21000 Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
(4) Ministry of Agriculture, 81000, Podgorica, Yugoslavia

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