Marketing terroir wines

The markets for quality wine are becoming more competitive as newer producers emerge and traditional producers improve their quality. The concept of terroir is one way to differenzi­ate wines in a competitive market and to enhance producer income. However, differentiation of wines is insufficient to assure profitability. If producers are to exploit the concept of ter­roir they will need to develop a sound market plan that identifies and evaluates target mar­kets, describes product attributes and how they meet consumer needs and wants, and estab­lishes appropriate distribution and promotion programs. Both producers and their associa­tions will need credible market research on which to base market decisions. Strategies that emphasize grabbing market share will not enlarge the wine market in the long term. A por­tion of promotional activities should be directed toward exanding all wine consumption.


Department of Agricuitural and Resource Economies, University of Califomia
207 Giannini Hall – Berkeley, CA 94720-3310

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