Evaluation of mannoprotein formation by different yeast strains by enzymatic analysis of mannose and tribological estimation of astringency

A positive role of mannoproteins on wine stability and red wine mouth sensations has been widely described. Commercial mannoproteins are available and some yeast strains are offered with a higher formation of mannoproteins. However, mannoprotein analysis is complex and its determination at cellar level is very limited. An adaptation of a relatively simple method of analysis of mannoproteins was developed, based on concentration of poly saccharides by membrane filtration, hydrolysis and enzymatic determination of mannose. The method was applied to the analysis of the mannoprotein content of wines fermented with different yeast strains deemed to produce high amounts of mannoproteins. Significant differences in mannoprotein concentration of red wines fermented with different strains was obtained. A tribological estimation of astringency also showed differences in the friction coefficient between wines. Sensory evaluation of wines using RATA (Rate all that Apply) with a panel of trained enologists showed significant differences only in some mouth parameters like dryness, grease, structure and bitter. Reasonable correlations between mannose concentration and friction coefficient were obtained only in wines coming from an earlier harvest. Correlations of mannose and friction coefficient with sensorial parameters were in general low except for dryness with friction coefficient in the early harvested wines. Even if significant, differences in mannoprotein concentration between strains were moderate, what can explain these results. Findings of this work propose an effect of mannoproteins on
sensory perception and opens the possibility to explore their effect on wine quality

Authors: Bordeu Edmundo1, Vidal Josefina1, Vargas Sebastián2, Zincker Jorge2, Schober Doreen2 and Brossard Natalia1

1 Department of Fruit Trees and Enology, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Santiago, Chile
2 Center for Research and Innovation Concha y Toro (CII)

*corresponding author: ebordeu@uc.cl

Keywords: Mannoproteins, Yeast strains, RATA (Rate all that apply), Oral lubrication, Astringency

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