2nd edition of Enoforum Web – Call for abstracts

We are very happy to act as a partner in the 2nd edition of ENOFORUM WEB Scientists, a global virtual conference giving the scientific community an opportunity to showcase impactful research to the wine industry. It is scheduled from 13 to 17 March 2023.

Following the first collaboration in 2021, we are pleased to announce that content from future Enoforums will be published on IVES Conference Series with Open Access. We also invite speakers to submit technical papers to IVES Technical Reviews.

Discover the previous edition here.


Grape and Wine scientists from all over the world, whose activity is carried out in public research centers, are invited to submit one or more abstracts on their most innovative and applicative research on strategic themes for modern viticulture and enology.


  • Get international wine industry aware of your recent findings and create private funding opportunities for your research
  • Establish international collaboration with other research groups on similar topics
  • Have free access to all ENOFORUM 2023-2024 in presence congresses: Enoforum Italy (May 16-18 2023), Enoforum USA and Enoforum Spain (2024), InfowineForum Portugal (2023), even if not a speaker.


Authors who wish to candidate to ENOFORUM WEB one or more research works performed in the last years must complete the following online form by November 25th, 2022, including an abstract of the work, edited according to the standards given in the form. The summary, in the original language of the author and in English, should be ascribed to at least one of the following thematic sections:

  • VINE (genetic material, soil management, agronomic practices, pathogen defence, services, etc.)
  • GRAPE (maturity monitoring, grape composition, grape processing, maceration techniques, etc.)
  • CELLAR (alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, storage, fining, stabilization, etc.)
  • WINE (sensory and chemical evaluation of wine, cleaning, bottling, packaging, market, etc.)

Important dates:

  • All researchers working for a public institution are invited to submit an abstract by November 25th, 2023.
  • All researchers in the public sector, including the participants of the contest, are invited to join the Scientific Committee. If you are interested we invite you to confirm your availability by November 25th, 2020, through a simple online form.

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