IVES-OENO One science meeting, 30-31st of January 2019

The International Viticulture and Enology Society (IVES) organized its yearly science meeting on the 30th-31st of January 2019 (detailed programme attached). The first day of the meeting, at ISVV (Institute of Vine and Wine Science) was dedicated to the General Assembly of the IVES association, gathering representatives from our institutional members. It ended with the […]

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Articles published in OENO One in December

Eight articles were published in OENO One – vine and wine open access journal – in December 2018, click to read more: Mirás-Avalos, J. M., Intrigliolo, D., & Lakso, A. (2018). Effects of post-bloom low light and girdling on fruit set of Vitis vinifera (L.) cv. ‘Riesling’ and Vitis labruscana (L.) cv. ‘Concord’. Guillermo, C., […]

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Is the typicality of “Provence Rosé wines” only a matter of color?

Authors: Coulon-Leroy, C., Pouzalgues, N., Cayla, L., Symoneaux, R., & Masson, G. (2018). Published in OENO One, this research article evaluates what makes a typical Provence Rosé wine in terms of colour, odours and aromas. Abstract Aims: Given the diversity of French dry Rosé wines, Provence Rosé producers (France) wish to evaluate the typicality of […]

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