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Publication date: Dec 11, 2023

Do you know IVES Technical Reviews?

We’re publishing a series of posts introducing the functioning and values of each IVES media. For this first series, let’s start with IVES Technical Reviews! 👇

🍇 Launched in 2020, IVES Technical Reviews is a peer-reviewed technical journal intended to transfer current research to end users.

🔬 Articles are based on scientific and technical data and are reviewed/evaluated by two members of the journal’s editorial board before publication.

🗣️ They are freely available online in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

👉 Its editorial board includes:
· Damian Martin, editor-in-chief vine, Plant and Food Research (New Zealand)
· Nikolaos Kontoudakis, editor-in-chief wine, International Hellenic University (Greece)
· Julien Dumercq, editorial manager, International Viticulture and Enology Society

🤝 It is also composed of more than 70 researchers and wine industry professionals, in equal shares. All the articles published are previously reviewed (read and evaluated) by at least two members of the board.



1. SOURCES 🔗 Published research article or original research results.

2. TECHNICAL PAPER ✍️ Writing of a technical article of interest for professionals (practical or general interest).

3. SUBMISSION 🧐 Submission to the editors-in-chief in order to assess the interest of the topic and evaluate if it matches with the journal’s editorial policy.

4. EVALUATION 🔍 If validated by the editors-in-chief, sent to reviewers (one scientist and one professional in the field) in order to guarantee the scientific quality and interest for readers (two scientists for further evaluation if the results are original).

5. TRANSLATION 🌍 Translation into the other 5 languages of the journal after finalization of the article (several discussions between the reviewers and the authors are needed).

6. PRODUCTION 👩‍💻 Production of the article for online publication in the 6 languages: layout of the PDF versions and integration of the article online.


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