Evaluation of state of vineyards and characterization of vineyard sites of the integrated area of Tokaj Kereskedőház ltd. in Tokaj region

The Tokaj Kereskedőház Ltd. is the only state owned winery in Hungary. The company is integrating grapes for wine production from 1100 hectares of vineyard, which consist of 3500 parcels with average size of 0,3 hectares, owned by about 500 families of the region. The vineyards are unevenly spread in total 27 village of Tokaj region. 

The aim of our study was to determine the state of vineyards of each single parcel of the integrated area, and the characterization of the ecology of the vineyard sites. Based on the information collected a site-specific vineyard design and cultural practice could be achieved on the given territory. 

The state of vineyards, concerning variety, training system, trellis system, row and vine spacing, row orientation, and production characteristic was determined by visual inspection of every single parcel. Airborne hyperspectral imagery was taken, covering the whole Tokaj Wine Region. High-resolution spectral-spatial geodata were captured and analyzed to focus on variety determination, evaluate biophysical properties (NDVI, LAI, Red Edge Position), canopy continuity, structure and identify row anomalies. 

The characterization of vineyards sites was accomplished based on large-scale determination of topography, soil and meso- and macroclimate variables covering the total 11000 hectares planted and potential vineyard land area of Tokaj Region. According to soil survey Digital Optimalized Soil Related Maps and Information Method was taken to produce the proper thematic data layers in 25 m spatial resolution. Results of surveys are analyzed and managed in a geographical information system designed for the project. 

The methods applied during the data collection and analysis will be detailed, while the preliminary results of the state of vineyard and the characterization of vineyard sites will be demonstrated. 

Authors: Gy. LUKÁCSY (1), A. TOMBOR (2), G. GORECZKY (2), L. NAGY (2), J. SZABÓ (3), P. LÁSZLÓ (3), P. BURAI (4), L. BEKŐ (4), A. JUNG (5), D. KRISTÓF (6), Gy. D. BISZTRAY (1), B. BÁLÓ (1) 

(1) Department of Viticulture Institute of Viticulture and Oenology Corvinus University of Budapest 
(2) Tokaj Kereskedőház Ltd. 
(3) Institute for Soil Sciences and Agricultural Chemistry, Centre for Agricultural Research, Hungarian Academy for Sciences 
(4) Research Institute of Remote Sensing and Rural Development, University of Károly Róbert 
(5) Department of Geoinformatics & Remote Sensing, University of Leipzig, Germany 
(6) Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing 

Email: gyorgy.lukacsy@uni-corvinus.hu 

Keywords: Tokaj, vineyard survey, characterization of vineyard site, digital soil mapping, LIDAR survey, hyperspectral imaging 

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