The influence of native flora on Argentine white terroir cv. Torrontes Riojano

The main objective of this paper is to establish considerable differences between wines from three wine areas or terroir, made with cv Torrontes Riojano.

Seventy-one volatile components were used as variables, obtained by means of solid-liquid extraction, quantification by Gas Chromatography with Flame Ionization Detector (FID), and the use of a multivariate statistical model of classification.

We have been able to conclude that the components which differentiate geographical areas in wines come from native flora which is near the vineyards, either owing to cross-pollination, dispersion both of resin and of pollen of the Larrea genus (jarilla), the wind or the solubility of the volatile components found in the soil.

Authors: Raquel Romano, Viviana Trebes, María Esther Barbeito

Normas Analíticas Especiales. Subgerencia de Investigación para la Fiscalización. Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura. San Martín 430. Ciudad Mendoza (CP 5500). Argentina.


Keywords: Torrontes, terroir, native flora, jarillas, Larrea, aromas

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