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IVES 9 IVES Conference Series 9 Sustainablity of vineyards in the Priorat region (NE Spain)

Sustainablity of vineyards in the Priorat region (NE Spain)


Publication date: December 3, 2021

Issue: Terroir 2010

Type: Article


IVES Conference Series | Terroir 2010


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Terroirs and legal protection

Le concept AOC permet, par une délimitation précise, la mise en valeur de terroirs particulièrement adaptés à la viticulture. Seuls les terroirs ainsi identifiés peuvent produire des vins portant le nom de l’AOC. Le nom de cette AOC ne peut être utilisé que pour des vins issus de terroirs compris dans l’aire d’appellation, sous peine de sanctions pénales. La délimitation ainsi opérée participe à la protection du nom de l’AOC. A l’inverse, le terroir délimité n’est pas protégé.

Forcing vine regrowth in Vitis vinifera cv. Touriga nacional at Douro region

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Territoire, terroir et marché du vin à la production

Work aimed at understanding the relationship between a terroir, in the agronomic sense, and the physico-chemical characteristics of grapes or wine are numerous today, as evidenced by the program of this symposium. But for an economist, the central question remains to know how the terroir can intervene in the construction of the economic value of wine and in the differentiation of its prices. Is the terroir effect recognized by the end consumer or is it only an internal adjustment variable in the production systems? Through which indicators can this terroir effect be managed by the various operators in the sector? In the end, isn’t it better to invoke a “territorial effect” that the actors can build, and of which the terroir would be one of the possible components?

Changes in flavonol profile are a reliable indicator to assess the exposure of red grape berries to solar radiation and canopy architecture

Exposure to solar radiation affects berry composition through photomorphogenesis or changes in temperature. Flavonol synthesis is upregulated by UV‐B radiation

Hanseniaspora in wine-making: their genetic modification and potential role in acid modulation

Hanseniaspora spp. are one of the most common yeast isolates in vineyards and wineries and play an important role in wine-making.