Productivity, quality, and thermal needs of the Piedirosso vine: four years of observations

The effects of temperature on cv Piedirosso, indigenous of the Campania region (South of Italy), were tested in order to study its possible influence on grapevine and to discover how to optimize the qualitative expression of the cultivar. Relationships between evolution of the main must components, berry weight, and heat requirement of the cv Piedirosso were studied. The cv Piedirosso showed itself to be suitable to the area tested. We evidenced a reasonable agreement of the model of Amerine and Winkler’s estimation as to the thermal needs of cv Piedirosso. The heat requirement of the cultivar was determined in 1750-1850 degrees/day (DD) to obtain a sugar content of 21-22 °Brix, a pH of 3.10-3.20 and a titratable acidity of 8-9 g/l; to obtain a higher sugar content of musts (23-24 °Brix, pH of 3.2-3.3, titratable acidity of 8-9 g/l) the thermal needs is 1800-1900 DD.

Authors: Scaglione G., Pasquarella C., Santitoro A., Peluso C., Forlani M.

Dipartimento d’Arboricoltura, Botanica e Patologia Vegetale
Università di Napoli “Federico II”. 80055-Portici (Na)


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