Prospects for enlarging of microzone Manavi in the East Georgia

The experimental studies conducted in the eastern Georgia in Sagarejo administrative district on the foothills of the southern slope of Tsiv-Gombori range reveal the possibility of enlarging Manavi traditional specific zone to the north-west (from Giorgitsminda to Khashmi), at 500-750 m above sea level. Transitional climate from dry subtropical to moderately humid, relief, black cinnamonic soils, distinguished quantitative indices of the Kahuri Mtsvane grape cultivar provide the best conditions for production of European type wine – Manavi source region. The wine has light-straw color, greenish tint, soft taste, harmonious, exquisite, with fruit aroma and developed bouquet.

Authors: Dr. Maya Mirvrelashvili, Dr. Tamaz Kobaidze, Dr. Temur Dekanosidze, Dr. Vazha Gogotidze

Georgian Research Institute of Horticulture, Viticulture and Winemaking, №6 Marshal Gelovani ave. Georgia, Tbilisi


Keywords: Kakhuri Mtsvane, wine Manavi, micro climate, landscape, microzone

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