New tools for a visual analysis of vineyard landscapes?

A vineyard landscape is above all an area observed by someone, that is to say a physical entity perceved and represented by this person. 
We try here to analyse more precisely the constitutive forms of vineyard landscapes and their visual perception. We use different complementary methods: 
– plastic and aesthetic landscape analysis, 
– modelling of some parameters like visual accessibility of landscape, 
– analysis of the observer’s attitude and eye tracking. 
Combination of these different analysis tools gives us a better knowledge of vineyard landscapes and their evolutions. It can appear useful for touristic or technical development. 

Authors:  Stéphanie OULES BERTON (1), Vincent BOUVIER (2), Laure CORMIER (2), Jean DUCHESNE (2), Fabienne JOLIET (2)

(1) Confédération des Vignerons du Val de Loire – Institut National d’Horticulture (INH)
(2) Institut National d’Horticulture (INH)
INH – 2 rue Le Nôtre – 49045 Angers cedex 1 – France


Keywords:  vineyard landscape, forms, visual perception, plastic analysis, eye tracking 

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