Reasoning a Terroir policy on the basis of the prospective study of the French wine sector

The prospective study of the French wine sector (Sebillotte et al., 2004) has identified “groups of micro-scenarios” at the end of the analysis of the characteristics of this wine sector. These groups, which have been defined from correlations between ‘structural’ variables, are activated by ‘driving’ variables, which are supposed either to be active or not, define different pertinent micro-scenarios (MSc) of events which may reasonably occurr. Three of those groups are directly related to the production and the management of Terroir wines. 
These groups of micro-scenarios are: 
1) MSc2 group “Wine productions and funds market” which leads to 4 MSc: 
– “The New Viticultural World declines” 
– “Coexistence with terroir wines and industrial blended wines” 
– “The industrial blendings without Geographical Indication” 
– “The geographical Indication as a strategy for the New Viticultural World” 
2) MSc5 group “The quality marks of wine” which leads to 4 MSc: 
– “Aroma-enriched wines for wine bars” 
– “The consumption occasion as a quality mark” 
– “ ’Terra vitis’, aromas and environment” 
– “A vintage table wine which is marked ‘Veritas’ “ 
3) MSc8 group “ ‘AOC’, technical evolutions and labelling”: 
– “The AOC and the VQPRD refuse GMO which are accepted worldwide” 
– “The AOC integrates the technical evolutions without any limit” 
– “The GMO are little used, and marked according to bilateral agreements” 
– “In a viticultural world without GMO, the French AOC system is in question”. 
These diferrent events or MSc are analyzed through the various elements which are included in the Terroir concept, in order to estimate the direct practical implications into vineyards, and the adaptation or evolution ability of vineyards as well. 

Authors:  Alain CARBONNEAU, Hervé HANNIN 

Montpellier SupAgro / IHEV 


Keywords: grapevine, wine, prospective, scenario, geographical indication, terroir, controlled appellation of origin – ‘AOC’, finances, New Viticultural World, blended wine, quality, aroma, environment, certification, labelling, technics, Genetically Modified Organism 

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