Time stability of visitors’ preferences for preserving the worldwide cultural landscape alto douro wine region

The Alto Douro Wine Region (ADWR) was classified a world heritage site, specifically as a cultural landscape, by UNESCO, in 2001. The well known “Porto Wine” and other high quality wines are produced in the Douro region. As an attraction and touristic site, the cultural site has to meet the needs of more demanding visitors […]

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The vine and the hazelnut as elements of characterization of a terroir

The research examines how two characteristic cultivations of a territory like the vine and the hazelnut shape the identity of a unique terroir: Langhe (North West italy).  The two cultivations are part of important agri-food chains for the analysed territory and its economy, while they also model its landscape.  The vine represents a Universal Value […]

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About long time and vine quality modelisation e pistemological appro ach to geographical viticulture

This work began as an intellectual game, in order to discuss the notion of wine quality in terms of terroir and territory spatial structure. Vine and wine quality has long been questioned by scientists. Each discipline approaching it with his own tools. One of Frenchs geographers who mark the discipline history was Roger DION(1896-1981) whit […]

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