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Publication date: Apr 8, 2024

Bud break: a critical stage for vine growth and the start of phenological monitoring

Grapevine development includes several phenological stages, from bud break to berry maturation. Different criteria are used to define the budburst date, such as the grape variety, the soil water status and temperature during the dormancy as well as the growing conditions in the vineyard. 

 – What is the impact of climate change on bud break? 

Warmer temperatures in late winter or early spring alter the dormancy cycle of the grapevine. Thus, climate change accelerates the initiation of bud break and increases the risk of frost damage. It could impact several criteria: the homogeneity of bud break and growth, the bud fertility, the number of shoots and clusters per vine and the berry maturation.

– How to delay bud break? 

Different techniques can be used to delay bud break and to avoid the risk of spring frost damage. The pruning system and irrigation treatment may have an impact on the percentage and timing of budburst. For example, late pruning may be used to delay bud break, among other techniques. 

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