Cultivation forms and viticulture models adapting to adverse “environmental” conditions

One of the main problems in viticultural production in Istria (Croatia) is a labour shortage in periods of intensive works, mainly during summer, respectively during tourist season. This problem came out as a consequence of active agricultural population decrease provocated mainly by its transition in other, more profitable activities, more likely tourism. Therefore, the aim of this article is to offer organisational-technological solutions in viticultural production, needing less human labour, especially during summer months, without influencing the economic-financial aspect of this production.
Authors give proposals in order to relieve this problem. Two solutions are considered as basical:
1. using the adeguate cultivation models, respectively establishment of a model suitable for a mechanisation of working operations;
2. choice of late ripening grape cultivars, respectively those to ripen after a summer tourist season.

Authors: G. Cargnello (1), Đ. Peröuric (2), M. Oplanic (2)

(1) Sezione di Tecniche Colturali I​stituto Sperimentale per la Viticoltura Conegliano (TV) (ITALY)
(2) Institute for Agriculture and Tourism Porec (CROATIA)


Keywords: Active agricultural population, cultivation forms, viticulture models, cultivars of grape, environmental conditions, Istria, Croatia

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