Stabilità dei caratteri fenotipici dl alcune cv in diversi pedopaesaggi friulani. Applicazione del metodo nella caratterizzazione viticola del comprensorio DOC “Friuli-Grave”

This communication was estracted from a study concerning the viticultural characterization of A.V.A. “Friuli-Grave” area sponsored by Chamber of Commerce of Pordenone.
For the application of ecovalence stability index proposed by Wricke (1962) two traditional varieties cultivated in the area under observation (Tocai and Sauvignon Blanc) were chosen, stationed in 13 different places (guide vineyards), representative of 11 soil landscapes. Through informations collected by basis soil mapping (geological, morphological and historical maps) and during country relief, a soil landscapes map was produced, in order to individuate the guide-vineyards.
During this research, main vegeto-productive vine performances were evaluated, investigating, at the same time, the most important compositive must parameters.
All these informations allowed to estimate the vine-environment relationship and in this case the level of phenotypical characters stability.

Authors: G. MICHELUTTl (1), G. COLUGNATl (2), M. MASOTTl (2) , P. BELLANTONE (1), G.CRESPAN (2), F. ZANELLI (3)

(1) ERSA, Servizio Sperimentazione Agraria, Via Sabbatini 5 -33050 Pozzuolo del Friuli (UD)
(2) ERSA, Centro Pilota Vitivinicoltura, Via 3a Armata 69 -34170 Gorizia
(3) Consorzio Tutela Vini DOC “Friuli-Grave”, Via Oberdan 26-33170 Pordenone

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