La certificazione ambientale del territorio: fattibilita’ e prospettive

In the next years the territorial environmental certification could become realistic if the following conditions will be fully satisfied:
– the enhancement of the environmental awareness among the industries, the public administration, the authorization bodies, the living people of that territory as well as the tourists and visitors.
To reach this stage according to the ISO 14001 standard other activities and experiments are needed, i. e.:
– the development of ISO 14001 Guideline for the territorial application,
– the development of specified environmental training courses,
– the scheduling and implementation of the environmental training to the public administrators and inspectors and to the living people,
– Some instructions to easily inform the tourists and visitors of that territory.
The second stage is the implementation of the Environmental Management Systems producing all the documents required by the ISO 14001 standard and the application guidelines.
In this stage the Environmental Policy of the territory would be defined and some environmental improvement objectives would be choosed, scheduled and implemented. This stage will be completed with the inclusion of the environmental internal audits. The third stage is the assessment and certification phase.
During this phase the auditors of the certification body will assess the performance of the territorial EMS according to the ISO 14001 standard, the guideline, the EMS documentation, the Environmental Policy and improving objectives. The rules and tools for implementing such certification are almost ready, we are looking for some territory and “La valle del Chianti” could be the right one.


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