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Publication date: Dec 13, 2022

VIDEO | Gonzaga Santesteban: a systematic review of cover crops

In this interview, Gonzaga Santesteban, a researcher at the Public University of Navarra, speaks about cover crops in viticulture: an important tool for grape growing. 

This interview introduces the two parts of the article “Cover crops in viticulture: a systematic review” published in OENO One. In both articles, researchers from INTIA and the Public University of Navarra made a systematic review with 272 articles published in twenty years about cover crops. This huge review is separated into two parts. The first one focuses on the implications on soil characteristics and biodiversity in the vineyard and the second one is about the implications on vineyard agronomic performance.

“Cover crops are as any other tool agronomists have for viticulture, for grape growing. So we don’t need to be in love with cover crops. We need to analyze them as a, of course, sustainable option”, explains Gonzaga Santesteban.

To read the two original articles in Open Access, click here:

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OENO One is a peer-reviewed Open Access journal in the field of vine, grape and wine sciences. The journal has received an impact factor of 3.000, one of the highest obtained by all vine and wine journals in the world.


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