Observation and modeling of climate at fine scales in wine-producing areas

Global change in climate affect regional climates and hold implications for viticulture worldwide. Despite numerous studies on the impact of projected global warming on different regions, global atmospheric models are not adapted to local scales and impacts at fine scales are still approximate. Although real progress in downscaling, using meso-scale atmospheric models taking surface characteristics into account, was realized over the past years, no operative model is in use yet to simulate climate at local scales (hundreds of meters). The TERVICLIM and TERACLIM programs aim at observing climate at local scales in different wine producing regions worldwide; simulating both climate and climate change in order to produce a fine scale assessment of the climate change impacts, thereafter simulating scenario of adaptation for viticulture, providing guidance to decision-makers in the viticultural sector.

Author: Hervé QUÉNOL

Laboratoire LETG-Rennes-COSTEL, UMR6554 du CNRS, Université Haute Bretagne, place du recteur Henri le Moal 35043 Rennes Cedex.

Email: herve.quenol@uhb.fr

Keywords: Climate change, small scales, spatial variability, terroir

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