Historical zoning in the world

The study of the interaction between vineyards and the environment to establish the grapevines in the appropriate places has been applied in wine science for 5000 years. Advances in the field of the zoning have not been uniform in time, and have occupied a preferential place in the contributions of Roman writers of the 1st Century AC, the contemplations of Tokay (1700) and Porto (1756) and works of the second half of the 20th century. Zoning practices today integrate multidisciplinary methodologies (viticulture, enology, soils, climatology, cartography, statistics, computer science) and require further development for future application.

Author: V. Sotés

Catedrático de Viticultura. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Ciudad Universitaria s/n E-28040 Madrid

Email: vicente.sotes@upm.es

Keywords: Zoning – viticulture – world areas -historical

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