Appliance of climate projections for climate change study in Serbian vineyard regions

Climate projections considered here are for two periods in the future throughout two IPCC scenarios: 2001 – 2030 (A1B) and 2071 – 2100 (A2) obtained using Coupled Regional Climate Model EBU-POM. Results are used in calculation of Heliothermal, Drought and Cool Night Index for climate classification of vineyard regions in Serbia. Presented results show significant change of climate in the future, indicating that varieties of grapevine must be adaptable or vineyard regions should be shifted in other areas with appropriate climate.

Authors: A. Vuković (1,3), M. Vujadinović (1,3), V. Djurdjević (2,3), Z. Ranković-Vasić (1), N. Marković (1), Z. Atanacković (1), B. Sivčev (1), N. Petrović (1)

(1) Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade University, Nemanjina 6, 11080 Belgrade, Serbia
(2) Institute for Meteorology, Faculty of Physics, Belgrade University, Dobracina 16, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
(3) South East European Virtual Climate Change Center (hosted by Republic Hydrmeteorological Service of Serbia), Bulevar oslobodjenja 8, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia


Keywords: climate projections, grapevine, climate classification

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