Tempranillo in semi-arid tropical climate (Pernambuco-Brazil). Adaptation of some clones and their affinity to different rootstocks

The variety Aragonez (sin. Tempranillo), recently introduced in the San Francisco Valley (9º02′ S; 40º11′ W) has revealed an excellent adaptation, with high potential of quality and yield, even without clonal material. 
With the objective of maximizing the behaviour of this variety in this terroir, it was installed in Vinibrasil – Vinhos do Brasil, SA a trial field to compare the relations “variety x rootstock”, with 10 clones (5 of Aragonez – Portuguese origin and 5 of Tempranillo – Spanish origin), combined with 6 rootstocks (IAC313, IAC572, 1103P, 420A, 101-14 e SO4). 
The first results show greater yield on the rootstocks 101-14 and IAC 313 in both varieties, while in grape composition only few differences were found. 
The most interesting combinations are: 
Aragonez: cl. Ar-110-JBP/101-14, cl. Ar-60-EAN/101-14, cl. Ar-110-JBP/IAC313, cl. Ar-60-EAN/IAC313, cl. Ar-Embrapa/IAC313 e cl. Ar-Embrapa/SO4. 
Tempranillo: cl. Tp-770/101-14, cl. Tp-E24/101-14, cl. Tp-Embrapa/101-14, cl. Tp-770/IAC313, cl. Tp-E24/IAC313, cl. Tp-Embrapa/IAC313 e cl. Tp-Embrapa/SO4. 
The introduction of the variety Aragonez (sin. Tempranillo) in Vinibrasil is contributing to obtain world class wines. 

Authors:  CRUZ, A. (1); SANTOS, J. (2); GOMES, C. (2,3); CASTRO, R. (1)

(1) Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Tapada da Ajuda, 1349-017 Lisboa (Portugal)
(2) Vinibrasil, Fazenda Planaltino, Lagoa Grande (Brasil)
(3) Dão Sul, Soc. Vitivinícola, SA., Quinta de Cabriz, Currelos, 3430-909 Carregal do Sal (Portugal)

Emails: vinibrasil@vinhosbrasil.com.br; casimirogomes@daosul.com; rcastro@isa.utl.pt

Keywords:  semi-arid tropical climate, Aragonez (sin. Tempranillo), grape composition, clones and rootstocks 

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