Fractal analysis as a tool for delimiting guarantee of quality areas

The pioneering work of Mandelbrot in the 70’s for building the fractal theory lead rapidly to many interesting applications in different fields such as earth sciences and economy. Even if agronomy and environment sciences have not yet much explored this theoretical tool they could allow a lot of applications.
This paper gives two concrete examples of application. The first one shows how the fractal analysis can be used to define a geographical area such as AOC area of Maine cider brandy and Pommeau du Maine AOC Area. With the second one we can see how, taken among many others, the fractal dimension is a good theoretical tool for characterising a vineyard landscape.

Authors: Alain JACQUET (1), Stéphanie OULES-BERTON (2) and Jean DUCHESNE (3)

(1) Institut National de l’Origine et de la Qualité (INAO)
(2) Confédération Viticole du Val de Loire (CVVL)
(3) Institut National d’Horticulture (INH)


Keywords: paysage, appellation d’origine, fractale

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