A Viticultural Terroir in Brazil: Change and continuity

The viticultural terroir at the Serra Gaúcha region, in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil, is analyzed under historical and sociological viewpoints, aiming to understand the origin of its characteristics, and the risks for its continuity. This work starts a multidisciplinary research project that, through a gain of comprehension of the regional Man-Nature dynamics, gives to a perception of which are the typical elements of this association, a key factor for its continuity.

Authors: Renato De OLIVEIRA (1), Jorge Ricardo DUCATI (2)

(1) Departamento de Sociologia
(2) Centro Estadual de Pesquisas em Sensoriamento Remoto e Meteorologia
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Av. Bento Gonçalves 9500 – CEP 91501-970
Porto Alegre, Brésil

Email: renato@adufrgs.ufrgs.br

Keywords: terroir, vitiviniculture (Brésil), vin et immigration

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