Recommended grapevine varieties for the vineyards zone Vrsac and trend meteorological elements

The aim of this paper was to analyze trends of the meteorological elements and determine suitability of growing grapevine cultivar in viticulture region.
Trend analyses were done, based on the data for South-Banat sub-region, an important resource for the production of grapes and wines in Pannonia plain (Vršac:H = 83 m, φ=45 09 N, λ=21 19 E). Trend of significance for the 95% level of confidence, for mean air temperature and sunshine duration, was obtained for the May-June period. For those elements, trend was increasing us well us for the precipitation in September.
Vineyard personnel are beginning to change list of some cultivars and develop new techniques for producing better fruit. These technologies such as tailoring vine care on a row-by-row and even plant–by-plant basis may prove of value in adapting vineyard to climate change. Based on trend analysis and obtained results, correction of the list of the recommended wine and table grapevine cultivars for this vinegrowing region was done. We are recommending the following mid-early season grapevine cultivars: Pinot Nero R-4, Gammy 222, Pinot gris R-6 and VCR-5, Pinot Blanco VCR 1, Chardonnay VCR 4, Riesling Renaro R2, Riesling 21, Riesling 198, Riesling Italico SK 61, SK 54 and SK 13, Sauvignon Blanc R1, Traminer Gewurz R-1, VCR-6. From the list of the table cultivars we are recommending Muscat of Banat, Muscat of Hamburg clone 192, 197, 198 and Becman.
From the new grapevine cultivars, created at the Faculty Agriculture in Zemun, Department for Viticulture, we are recommending cv. Godominka (selfpolination of Dymiat) Negotinka (Pinot Noir x Zacinak). By choosing grapevine rootstocks, priority has the fooling rootstocks Teleki 5C G-52, SO4 G-47 and Kober 5BB G-114.

Authors: Branislava SIVČEV, Nevena PETROVIĆ and Ivana TOŠIĆ

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture, Nemanjina 6, 11081 Zemun, Serbia


Keywords: climatic changes, grapevine cultivar list, trends

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