Il Cabernet di Atina dal 1850 al giorni nostri: un esempio di valorizzazione del territorio

In the province of Frosinone from 1850 they are cultivated in some zones wine grape of French origin like Merlot, Cabernet franc Cabernet sauvignon, Sirah, Pinot noir. The insertion of these varieties was the work of Pasquale Visocchi in the great company of family “Fratelli Visocchi Proprietari” (F. V.P.). He comprised the potentialities of the new varieties in relation to the pedo-climatic characteristics of the local condition. In this zone original red wine was produced and appreciated from Italian and international markets. “F. P. V. ” company, in the sixties for several problem, closed and the original farm was fragmentized. Today the enology activity is exclusively to the familiar consumption, it supplies grapes of optimal quality. The produced grapes are very fine but not the wines.
Although the great vocation to the viticulture of this discrete remains. The necessity to value this district, with particular reference to Atina and the adjacent zones has placed the necessity to recover also the enology vocation of these zones. For this scope the “Istituto Sperimentale per l’Enologia” s.o.p. of Velletri in collaboration with the local agencies has started a plan with the objective to supply useful indications in order to start a qualified enology activity.


lstituto Sperimentale per l’Enologia s.o.p. di Velletri
Via Cantina Sperimentale 1, 00049 Velletri, Roma

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