ECA&D: A high-resolution dataset for monitoring climate change and effects on viticulture in Europe

Climate change will lead to persistent changes in temperature and precipitation patterns which will affect the characteristics of wine produced in each region. The European Climate Assessment and Dataset (ECA&D) is a web-based database and tool to monitor climate variability and trends over Europe. This tool is used in this study to analyse the viticulture-specific Huglin Index and averaged temperature over the growing season.

The study quantifies the timing and the extent of the expansion of the regions in Europe
where two selected grapes can be used for viticulture. For the two grape varieties analysed, the expansion is northward and eastward and areas in southern Europe are indicated where climate is becoming too hot to produce high-quality wines.
Keywords: Europe, climate change, Huglin Index, growing season averaged temperature.

Authors: Gerard VAN DER SCHRIER (1) , Gerhard HORSTINK (2), Else J.M. VAN DEN BESSELAAR (1), Albert M. G. KLEIN TANK (1)

(1) Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) De Bilt, the Netherlands
(2) OINOS Wijncursussen, Nijverheidsstraat 28, Hoogerheide, the Netherlands


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