Agronomical assessment of a vine « terroir » map: first results in the « AOC » Minervois region

Minervois is a vine region where the first detailed soil map was begun 30 years ago. In 2003, a new map was drawn plotting the soil-landscape associations. This map distinguishes 8 large soil units based on geology. The widest (called « marnes ») is the most complex : it is made of 57 sub-units, which leads to a high variability of the vine behaviour on this unit.
We proposed a way to simplify that very complex soil information in order to understand the relationship between vines characteristics and the map sub-units of soil. The 57 first sub-units were turned into 5 new ones. Water constraint and agronomical data were examined for 2 vine cultivars on 47 vine plots among the « marnes » unit and compared to 3 of our simplified sub-units (87% of the total area of the « marnes » unit). Shoot elongation and carbon discrimination were used for estimating water regime during summer.
The soil-plant water regime is revealed to be the main factor classifying the 3 sub-units : we show good relationship between grapes and vines characteristics and the new sub-units.

Authors: William TRAMBOUZE and Marie VIGNERON

(1) Chambre d’agriculture de l’Hérault, 15 rue Victor Hugo, 34120 Pézenas, France
(2) Syndicat du Cru Minervois


Keywords: vine terroir, soil unit, map, water regime

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