IVES executive committee would like to thank all the academic members, partners and the members of the editorial board of its journals for their participation in the general assembly of IVES (3 February 2022) and journals meetings (2 and 3 February 2022). In total, IVES has gathered more than 150 participants from all around the world.

  • A word from Roland Riesen, chairman:


    “IVES didn’t stand still in 2021, on the contrary. The association confirmed its leadership in the ever-growing Open Access movement. It succeeded in cultivating a community which realizes the importance of research and its free dissemination, and the benefit of communication and exchange of experience between academia and practitioners in order to advance the grape-wine industry as a whole. The increasing number of members and private and institutional partners is a testimony of its successful strategy. The 3 journals published by IVES saw a continuous improvement in 2021.
    OENO One, the peer-reviewed scientific journal, offered a record number of articles, the highest of all specialized grape-wine journals. IVES Technical Reviews received the OIV Award in the category “Technical Publications”, thus validating its strategy and its quality. The third journal, IVES Conference Series, was launched in 2021 with the objective to provide free access to high-level international scientific congresses. The dedicated and skilled staff of IVES guaranteed that the association remained and will remain a valuable resource for free information and a responsive platform for innovative interaction. The new work group “strategy” created this year will allow IVES to anticipate future challenges thus assuring its leadership role. Without the continued support of our members and partners IVES would not be able to offer this free service to the grape-wine community and to contribute to the Open Access movement.
    Thank you.”

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